Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yet again...

A strike to my snout and I am flooded with strange smells...and some measure of pain. Not enough to drop me to my fell to my knees from the weight of the disbelief. Or perhaps I fell to prevent my defense to the extent that I dealt her as she dealt me. This has not been the first time and I have grown sick of the periodic beatings by which she obtains her catharsis. My mistress whom I serve...worshiper of the spider of chaos...beating me as if I were a insolent child! All due to advice that would save her future shame! She...a fool...a priestess of an insignificant house bent on self-destruction through erratic emotion-driven agenda and I the fool of such a fool bound by an unfortunate skill she possessed!! A thrall, yet half-bound, and bound in the rest by my higher-mind...I refrain. Half of me perservering until she can grasp the wisdom...half of me now screaming to free myself. Two bloods within myself...two voices demanding to be heard. She now kicks me. Do I strike?! No. I will leave her with shame as her companion.

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Capcom said...

Wow, such a great description of what you are talking about. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more!

Let me know if I should start working on some drawings of what you are writing, remember our book? :-) Maybe after the holidays and I get finished transcribing the historical logbook for St.Paul's.